My First Poem

Shalom ladies and gentlemen
And welcome to my brit
My mummy helped me write this poem
As I am a little young for wit

I turned up last Friday morning
2 weeks before my date
I wanted my brit on Rosh Hashanah
So I couldn’t afford to wait

After thoughtfully letting my parents sleep
I started on my journey outside
My parents have had a busy few weeks
So I gave them an easy ride

Just a half hour after we got to hospital
Up in the beautiful Tzfat mountain air
I zoomed out promptly at 9am
And gave the midwives a scare

They had barely had time
To get mummy ready, in such a hurry was I
I came out with the cord round my neck
But I still let out a great big cry

My parents named me Yaron Moshe
Their first sabra baby boy
A beautiful bundle of joy for them
And for Jojo, a cool new toy

My first name has two meanings
He will sing and also He will be happy
They are both related to Rosh Hashanah
And I am also a very happy chappy

My middle name is after my great-grandpa
Who also made aliyah long ago
His journey from Yemen was very difficult
And he named his first sabra Moshe also

And so now you have heard my story
I hope you will enjoy this meal
I am sorry not to be sociable
But I need some time to heal

I also want to thank all of you
For making this such a special day
We are truly blessed to know all of you
As you have all helped us out in some way

Lastly I want to thank Hashem
For blessing my family with such joy
I can’t wait to discover more of His world
And I promise to be a good boy

by Yaron Moshe


  1. You have missed your vocation, it is so beautifully composed, hope you are all keeping well, lots of love, keep in touch.

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