Tanks, tanks and more tanks…

Jojo enjoying the tanksFollowing a rather lovely wedding we attended in the centre of the country [note to self: always enquire as to terrain of venue before selecting footwear. High heels not so great on grass whilst handling children altho I must say the great outdoors does make kiddy toilet trips a lot simpler…]  we decided to make a weekend of it and spent our shabbat in bet shemesh. This was also an ideal opportunity for a tiyul to Latrun,  a historic hilltop housing Yad LaShiryon, a memorial to fallen soldiers and an ever expanding museum of israels war history [what can we do we build up this fab country and everyone wants a piece of it…?] They also have a complete selection of every tank & jeep ever used in this country, and you can climb on lots of them. Jojo, who had never in his wildest dreams imagined such tank heavan, thought all his christmases had come at once. We think he must have been on at least 100. [see pic] Anyway, if you have a lot of small boys in your family I recommend. If they are a bit bigger then pack a book and some sunscreen and make yourself comfortable on a bench somewhere. You wont be disturbed unless somebody dehydrates and calls an ambulance. For some reason the place is a suntrap and you need to be prepared.

Back to Karmiel and you can feel the whole country gearing itself up for pesach. It never ceases to amaze me what ridiculous tasks jewish housewives will find to do in the name of this chag. I thought the whole point was we left slave labour but somehow this concept has bypassed many of my neighbours. There has been a momentary lapse in activity whilst the north took 3 days of heavy rainfall but no doubt the madness will continue shortly. Happily I have been the recipient of some handy kids clothes in the midst of other people’s pesach cleaning 🙂 Of course the run up to the chag has brought up the old ongoing kitniyot argument with me and Husband… he thinks its a load of old nonsense and I see no reason to change the habit of a lifetime only to get conned into buying junk food which we can happily live without… and besides I rather like an excuse to eat more potatoes. Who doesn’t???

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