Potting Jam in the Israeli countryside.

Jam IsraelWell after weeks of Husband moaning at me to “do something with those orangey-things on the tree” I finally got round to it somewhere amidst the post-pesach flotsam and jetsam. We have been wondering for some time what this gorgeous tree is in our garden. We have a “chinese lemon” tree that makes tiny lemons [but not so many] and another tree full of tiny citrusy things – orange and green. If we ask passing Israelis what they are the best they can come up with is “Chinese Orange” [in ivrit, anything small is chinese. Bless.] Anyway after Jojo and I had picked a load and tasted a few we decided that they were sweet and sour. So ideal for marmalade then.

Finding a recipe wasn’t so easy…. surprisingly if you type “marmalade recipe for weird little greeny-orange citrus thingies” nothing comes up. So we had to adapt one. Jojo helped with the picking and washing the fruit. Our house has smelled like heavan all afternoon.Yaron attempted to dive into the almost finished article after his dinner … [don’t blame him the citrusy-sweet scent was divine but at least 1000 degrees]. Anyway husband and I had a taste and it tasted, well like marmalade only without the hard peel.

Yum. Just goes to show you can make pretty much any cuisine you like out of what you can grow in the holy land.

Anyway we just spoke with our only english friend who has announced he will be over here like a shot just as soon as we invite him. Time to bake scones I think 🙂

[You can take the British girl out of England, but…..]


  1. I think they’re the same as I bought in my local mercolet where they were called “shesek”, in English loquats or medlar. Just found you on 4olim, I’m going back to read through your blog – I’m a Brit too, living in Eilat 🙂

  2. nope not shesek they are more apricot-like. These are definitely citrus fruit – I would say more kumquat-like than anything else.

  3. Hi Duggi
    They are probably kumquats. My mother in law is a champion Jam maker. She has given me a recipe for kumquat jam. When I have time to search for it in my messy recipe box I will be happy to give it to you.

  4. Nope. Not kumquats. Wrong shape. Anyone else like to have a shot???
    [please send me recipe anyhow… it’s near enough]

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