Far and Away

10 December 2012 Deganit 0

Years ago, like most teenagers I enjoyed the romantic aspects of Far and Away (“Tell me ya like my hat Shannon!“) and I think deep […]

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Diseases of the Holy Land

30 October 2012 Deganit 1

Before I made aliyah, I remember hearing about relatives in Israel who were suffering from terrible diseases. Things you just don’t get in the UK. […]

Succot 2011 in Eilat with the family on a company holiday

My Go North Aliyah Experience

8 July 2012 Howard 0

In the past week I have been contacted by two journalists. The first was investigating possible failures in the Nefesh B’Nefesh Go North program, whereas the second […]

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No Dogs Allowed

17 April 2012 Deganit 1

So our landlady put a slight damper on things [see previous enthusiastic post] when she discovered our new 4 legged addition to the family. The […]

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On Dogs and Pesach.

14 April 2012 Deganit 0

Its been lovely having another girl about the place. Even if she does have 4 legs and fur. Despite us running around making pesach Ayala […]

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