The Simple Life. On Birthday Parties for Small Boys.

So if your son turned 7, you were almost 37 weeks pregnant, and living in a tiny gaff …what would you do for a party?
I told Jojo categorically NO PARTY. Just a small gathering because mummy might be having a baby! He was fine with that.
So we decided on a 3 friends and a cake, and that would be that.
Only on the morning it dawned on me that perhaps a group of 6 – 7 year old boys might not be able to entertain themselves in a small space without some guidance, so I started racking my brains for ideas. My friend suggested a few things, and my whatsapp groups also! Ideas included cupcake decorating, t-shirt dying and making stuff from sweets. All totally inappropriate for BOYS. and a very tiny space. And not to mention Jojo can’t really have sugar.

Anyway I walked home and as I walked in I was greeted by the sight of all the paper airplanes made over last shabbat (I spent last shabbat on the couch with planes whizzing past my head). And Bingo! I realised that was it. Husband is talented in making paper planes, the kids really enjoy making and flying them so I decided to make use of the most useful skill he had ever learned in school.

I plied the kids with fruit salad til Husband came home, then we did the “7” cake, candles etc and then began the design process. We were going to have a competition but the minute the planes were done there was total mayhem. Seven small boys (including my lot) leaping around the room throwing paper planes. They loved it.

I have heard about bowling parties for kids, sushi making, all sorts of things… but if they do all that, what can they be wowed by in their teens? And after a day at school with 26 classmates, surely it’s nice to be with a few close friends? (at least that’s what I would prefer)

So here’s to the Simple Things in Life.

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