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Welcome to my Aliyah Blog, live from Karmiel (כרמיאל).

This is the story of one family’s aliyah in 2010 to the North of Israel (Karmiel – ישראל בצפון – כרמיאל) from just North of London (Bushey), beginning 26th July 2010.  We are a family of 3, our delightful toddling little boy is 18 months and we have a new baby on the way in just 7.5 weeks (approximately). We invite you to join the trials, tribulations and (possibly) triumphs of emigrating to the holiest, and craziest country in the world.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy.  On our last trip out here, some bloke driving a van randomly backed into the road froma melon stall without looking, almost crashing into our car.  When we had the audacity to ask him what the hell he was doing, he said to us:

“It’s chag.”

“Right”, I said.  (silly me) “Of course.  It’s erev Pesach.  So tell me why that gives you the right to drive like a lunatic?”

His reply?

“This is not London.  This is the middle east.  We do what we feel.”

That about sums it up really.

Update: As of February 2012 we are living in the beautiful yishuv Eshchar – אשחר – in the Misgav region – משגב – just south of Karmiel.


  1. I love this blogg. Almost as much as http://www.jewpro.co.uk for jewish events, jewish weddings and property in iarael. Please keep writing. It keeps me sane in cold london. To all website visitors, its worth going up north. The drive to karmiel is so beautiful and really not so far if you take route 6

  2. My son is shifting with his family to Karmiel at the end of April from Givat Shmuel with 3 small children. I enjoyed reading your blog and will tell them about the supermarkets. I live in Melbourne Australia and came across your blog when I typed in Karmiel to find out a little about the life there. Just love reading what you write..

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