Halamish Terror

In defence of Sergeant A

24 July 2017 duggi 4

Last Friday night my cousins were relaxing during a normal Friday night meal. Suddenly they hear screams and my cousins husband (in his fifties) went […]

Halamish Fire

What Would You Save?

29 November 2016 duggi 0

Since my last post the fires in Israel have now stopped. Several local yeshuvim were evacuated on Friday, including Ya’ad, where both my boys schoolteachers […]

A Week of Scorpions

6 August 2016 duggi 0

I’ve always been a big fan of insects. Not really something I discuss in social situations but somehow my love of spiders, beetles etc has […]

On Living in a New House

12 April 2016 duggi 0

After 5.5 years of living in the holy land, we have finally moved into our home. Having lived in some fairly questionable accommodation these past […]

No Picture

No.4 . A Shabbat Brit

8 February 2016 duggi 0

We thought we had experienced all possible brit options – first one a small event in our home in london. Number 2 celebrated in shul […]

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